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Dedication, scholarship, and a profound commitment to the church define the remarkable journey of His Grace Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios. Born on May 28, 1964, he holds the esteemed position of Metropolitan of the Delhi Diocese within the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Let’s delve into the life and contributions of this distinguished figure who has left an indelible mark on the church and its community.

Early Life and Education:

H.G Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios was born to Palamoottil Mathews and Mercy, finding his spiritual roots in the St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Kollam Diocese. His academic pursuits led him to Fordham University, where he earned his Ph.D., and Gorden Conwell Theological Seminary, America, where he obtained his M. R. E. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his future contributions to theological scholarship.

Multilingual Scholar:

Fluency in multiple languages characterizes H.G Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios. Beyond his native Malayalam and English, he is adept in Greek, Hebrew, Amarac, and Syriac. This linguistic versatility not only reflects his academic prowess but also underscores his commitment to fostering intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

Key Positions and Contributions:

Throughout his illustrious career, H.G Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios has held several key positions within the church. He has served as a Professor at the Orthodox Theological Seminary in Kottayam, showcasing his dedication to theological education. His roles as Secretary of the Ecumenical Relations Committee, General Secretary of Orthodox Vydikasangam, and Co-Secretary of the Orthodox–Catholic Church Dialogue highlight his commitment to fostering unity and understanding.

As a Delegate to the W.C.C Commission of Educational and Ecumenical Formation and a Representative of the Church in numerous international conferences, H.G Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios has been a bridge-builder, connecting the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church with the global Christian community.

His administrative roles as Registrar of F.F.R.R.C and Dean of Doctoral Studies underscore his commitment to the organizational and academic aspects of the church.

Election and Consecration:

The culmination of H.G Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios’ journey occurred on February 17, 2010, when he was elected as the Metropolitan candidate during the Malankara Association held at Sasthamkotta. Subsequently, on May 12, 2010, he was consecrated as Metropolitan at Mar Elia Cathedral, Kottayam. Since then, he has been faithfully serving the Delhi Diocese, guiding its spiritual growth and strengthening the bonds of the church community.


H.G Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios stands as a beacon of wisdom, scholarship, and spiritual leadership within the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. His journey, marked by dedication to education, commitment to dialogue, and service to the church, continues to inspire and guide the faithful. As the Metropolitan of the Delhi Diocese, his influence resonates not only within the church’s walls but also in the hearts of those who look to him for guidance on their own spiritual journeys.