St.Mary’s School, Chandigarh celebrated Republic Day on 26th Jan 2023. The whole school was drenched in the patriotic spirit with tri-color banners and flags. The day started with unfurling the national flag followed by the National Anthem and a lively march past by the students of all the four houses as well as the school band. The school echoed with patriotic fervour as the students danced to the tunes of patriotism, sang patriotic songs, and presented their views through speeches.

Hon’ble Chairman, Rev Fr.  Aju Abraham elaborated on the meaning of Republic and urged the students and teachers to be aware of their fundamental rights and duties, and made the children aware that the future of their country lies in their hands. Hence they need to study well now and inculcate good values in life, which will help them to be good citizens of the country. Principal, Dr. Martin Das Rao highlighted the importance of the Republic Day and eulogized the armed forces who consistently remain on guard to protect us from both natural and man-made disasters, mitigating crisis.


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