Actual process of learning of a child begins around the age of three years.  At this tender age of growth the child looks inquisitive and starts recognizing.    ST.MARY’S KINDER GARTEN trying to make the processes of learning recreative in accordance with the child psychology.    

Throughout the academic session K.G. Block organizes galaxy of programmes, so as to enable the children enjoy the learning process with a feeling that the School is their second home.  Children very well enjoy the MONTESSORI AIDS and methods.  The pre-primary kids celebrates Mother’s Day, Colours Day, Fruits and Vegetable Day, Independence Day, Cake Day, Rhymes Day and Physical activity Day and St.Mary’s Day. School used to arrange Story telling competition, Fancy dress competition and Calligraphy competition every year.  All activities give the children more opportunities to display their hidden talents and make them more confident.

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