“Limitations live only in our minds; but if we use our imagination, the possibilities become limitless.”
A sport is as important as any other activity in the grooming years. Games and sports are always entertaining, educative and enjoyable. That is why, at St. Mary’s School, different games and sports activities are organized aiming at encouraging a healthy spirit of competition plus making the children physically fit and mentally strong.

To inculcate a sense of loyalty, team sprit and healthy competition the students are divided into four houses Bose, Gandhi, Nehru and Shastri.  Inter-house and inter-school competitions in various disciplines like Badminton, Table tennis, Hand ball, Basket ball, volley ball, Football, etc. are being conducted from time to time. Special coaches in various gaming events impart training to students in their respective field of sport. Coaching for martial arts and yoga is also imparted to students.

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