Cleanliness Drive

The eco-club of our school is working for keeping the surrounding clean in the school premises all the time. Eco-club of school keeps a check on all the classes and after every week the result is declared of their difficult groups namely: - Passion (I to III)
                       Plan (IV to VI)

                       Progression (VII to X)


To mark the important of Van Mahotsav, members of eco-club carried out a tree plantation programme in the school premises. Students of the school brought various kinds of saplings which were planted in the school garden.

On this occasion, principal applauded and appreciated the efforts made by the students to plant saplings and concluded by giving the message to conserve and preserve the natural beauty of our earth.


  St. Mary’s School has been organizing many activities like plantation of trees in and around school campus, Declamation contest; Creative writing contest and quiz contest on environment related topics are the most awaited activities under the aegis of the Eco club. The school also lays emphasis on use of environment friendly products and the students are trained to make and use Jute bags and paper bags.

The school maintains a ten-minute power cut everyday in order to conserve electricity. A special ‘Save Electricity’ project is on the cards for senior students and a ‘Say No to Crackers’ rally so as to create and spread awareness amongst the localities.


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