Colours Day Celebration 

The Kindergarten Department celebrated Colours Day on 28th April, 2017. This day was a great fun for all involved and was planned to help the children to identify and differentiate various colours, talk about them and think about how colours enhance and influence their lives.

 Classes were allocated different colours –  red, green, yellow and blue – and each room was decorated in that allocated colour. The children came to school, dressed in that particular colour and also brought objects – toys, fruit, vegetables or plastic household items in ‘their’ colour. The teachers too were dressed up in the same colour as their pupils.

There was much competitive spirit between the children and they were all anxious to make a contribution to their group’s display.


They presented a dance, sang song , spoke about the significance of the colours in the rainbow and our national flag and did colouring and displayed them on the notice board. 

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