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St. Mary’s School, Sector 46 B, Chandigarh, was established by the Orthodox Syrian Church Society and educational charitable society (Regd.). The school derives inspiration from a born visionary H.G. Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios, founder of the school. He is known for his selfless service to humanity. This is a Christian Minority unaided Institution runs by the Syrian Orthodox Christians of Kerala in the ambit of rights guaranteed by the constitution of India. By the Grace of St. Mary, Mother of God, we progress day by day, starting from bottom to 10th, the school affiliated to C.B.S.E, Delhi with all the facilities. Education is the evolution of animal man into human being, fruiting of all the native abilities, through the continuous and comprehensive exploration of senses, spirit, psyche and physique for the holistic man whose life is crowded while living and after; forms a harmonious global society and sustains the natural environment, all the flora and fauna with its absolute majesty for the generation coming up. In a different way, education is the integrated relay process of teaching, learning and doing through the stimulated exploration. In brief education is nothing but a democratic style of life and vice versa. All the tangible and intangible activities of the schools are according to the ideology of education. Our students manifest the innate talents and are empowered. Literally education is a celebration of innate abilities, human knowledge and environment with nature and society.

Education is for a worker, physical, mental and spiritual, the work that generates knowledge, skill, new ideas and creativity.

Generating the habit of doing a work is the first and foremost aim of education

Education is arising the feeling of doing work for a decent life, helping us for not depending upon others, discovery and invention both are integrated in it.

Education is social skill and consciousness

Education is willing to work and willing to live, work and survival.

Education is a force that motivates us to do things in a right and efficient way.

Education is the solution for the man to solve the mystery of the universe and find the aim of your life.

Education is an enquiry of your abilities about your abilities and around your abilities- adding up and polishing you.

Education is to create physical strength combined with mental intelligence and spiritual values to generate emotions to have social skills for harmony in life, vocational skill and enterprising power for survival and moral skill for existence

Education is the exploration for the scope of your life in the environment you exist or in environment you want to exist through senses, system, skills and values.

Education is attainment of life skills, social skills and moral skills on the pedestal of strong body, mind and soul

Education is disclosure of human knowledge and revelation of infinite abilities in you.



Jose P. Thomas

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