As per the directions of CBSE, CCE will be followed.

What is CCE ?

"Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation"

The academic year is divided into two terms for Classes IV-X. Term I from April to September and Term II from October to March. Each term will carry two Formative and one summative assessment.
Assessment for classes IV-X is divided into three parts:
Part I
Scholastic Areas
-    Formative Assessment(FA)
FA is continuous and consists of class tests in each term along with regular assignments, project work etc.
-    Summative Assessment(SA)
SA consists of two terminal exams in September and March. The grading scale for scholastic domain is a five point scale for classes I-IV (A+,A,B,C,D) seven point scale for classes V-X,  (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,D,E1,E2)  
Part II
Co-Scholastic Areas:

2A:- Life Skills: Thinking Skills, Social skills & Emotional Skills
        Grading on 3 point scale (A+, A&B)
2B:-Attitudes and Values:- Attitudes towards Teachers,Schoolmates,School programmes & Environment & Value system
        Grading on 3 point scale (A+,A&B)
Part III
Co-Scholastic Activities (Any two assessed)

3A:- Co-Scholastic Activities: Literary & Creative skills, Scientific skills, Aesthetic skills & performing Art & Club Activities
        Grading on 3 point scale (A+, A&B)
3B:-Health & Physical Education:- (Any two assessed)
(1)    Sports/indigenous sports   (2) NCC/NSS
(3) Scouting & Guiding          (4) Swimming
(5) Gymnastics                        (6) Yoga
(7) First Aid                             (8) Gardening/Shramdaan

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